How’s your New Year’s resolution going?

Did you know that 40% of people make New Year’s resolutions? Only 8% of that 40% successfully achieve their resolution. What’s their secret? They set them selves up to succeed.

I like making New Year resolutions. Some of my resolutions this year are to expand my cooking skills, improve my tennis game, always working to improve my relationships. What’s your resolution? Losing weight, starting a workout plan, new job, better relationships are the most popular resolutions. Overall most popular resolutions – goals are to live a healthier, happier, lifestyle.

I have found in helping other’s to achieve their career and personal goals you have to have a starting point. Understand better key areas about youself; diet, exercise, lifestyle, what makes you smile to determine what you are currently doing. A starting point before you start losing weight, getting fit or start living a happier life. What do you eat? And what are your fitness habits? What’s your style? What makes you special?

Diet+ Exercise+ Emotions work together. If one is out of balance it affects the other two. When two are off, your whole equilibrium system goes into overload. There are very few things we can control. Eating and exercise we are in total control of.  Emotions are much harder. But when you like the person looking back at you in the mirror it’s easier to handle most everything. The health benefits are so positive. The fact is, it slows down the aging process. It’s the secret to an Ageless Healthier Happier Life.

Looking at Diet+ Exercise+ Emotions at the same time gives you full view of you. After answering the different “Baseline Balance” questions pertaining to diet, exercise and what makes you happy we are able to determine a starting point. Most are surprised how a little change to what you are currently doing is all that is needed to lose weight, get fit or make you happy. How little things like standing straight or smiling can make you look 5 years younger. By not eating after 8 or cutting the amount of rice you eat in half you would be astonished how much weight you would lose. What if you could take a walk before or after dinner around the block? Make it your special time. A time to be shared or time alone to meditate. Your time for thinking about all the things you achieve rather than the pile that needs to be done. Or something simple like going to bed early and sleeping 8 hours which could make such a big difference.

Would you like to have a little help to achieve your resolutions? Asking for assistance and sharing is something we need to learn how to do better. It sparks conversations, new ways and approaches to doing things, good to have support and it’s fun to share! Maybe it’s time to do something different?

Schedule your free first step “Baseline Balance” session. Maybe creating your own “Baseline Balance” is the secret to you being one of the 8%. Actually losing weight and maintaining it too, starting a workout plan that you enjoy, land that new job or re-entering the job market, and have better relationships. Enjoy a healthier, happier, lifestyle that will make you happy.

About Susanne:
Susanne Veder is an author, educator, business executive and mother, who recently moved to Aventura, Florida from New York City's Upper West Side. Susanne has held a variety of executive positions in the field of marketing for CitiGroup, the U.S. Tennis Association and a number of other companies and organizations. Over the years, Susanne has been working with inner city high school students in helping them develop self-esteem, prepare for college and secure internships – extra curricular activities and the development of student-run journalism programs.