Girlfriend’s Network…

Do you have a bucket list?  I don’t, but my childhood friend Tracey does.  A year ago December, some of the PJ girls took a 60th birthday celebration cruise. I met them for breakfast before they left on the cruise. PJ girls date back as far as elementary school. We all grew up together in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. At breakfast that day, Tracey was talking about her bucket list. I asked her what was on her bucket list. Reluctant to share with me, she finally told me one of her bucket list items was to experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans on a float.

I told her it was a long shot, but I would ask my dear friend Tiffani if she could assist in this matter.  She is a native of New Orleans.  You never know the power of the girlfriend’s network. That December day, Laurie, Lorna, Bev and I all agreed we would share Tracey’s bucket list experience with her if this long shot happened.

This year’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Tracey will be riding in Orpheus on Smoky Mary – the largest float of all Mardi Gras floats, on the 6th car on the bottom floor on the right hand side of the train.  Laurie, Lorna and Bev will be with Tracey to share the experience. Share the fun!

Never be reluctant to share your goals and bucket list items. You never know!  Girlfriend’s Network…  Amazing how powerful it can be!

I want to thank Tiffani and her girlfriend Debbie from New Orleans for making it possible for Tracey to experience Mardi Gras this year on a float with her girlfriends enjoying it with her.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Tracey, Laurie, Lorna and Bev with you in spirit!

Have a blast!! Hugs

About Susanne:
Susanne Veder is an author, educator, business executive and mother, who recently moved to Aventura, Florida from New York City's Upper West Side. Susanne has held a variety of executive positions in the field of marketing for CitiGroup, the U.S. Tennis Association and a number of other companies and organizations. Over the years, Susanne has been working with inner city high school students in helping them develop self-esteem, prepare for college and secure internships – extra curricular activities and the development of student-run journalism programs.