An Amazing Woman…

November 5 2012

I wanted to have a picture with the “cook”, the head of the Freedom Academy high schools cafeteria.. Very special woman, she took it upon herself to make an extra special real family style expanded breakfast menu.. eggs, sausage, grits and more. She knew the students and teacher would enjoy. For some maybe the first really good meal they have had since the hurricane. Everyone in the building has been affected by hurricane Sandy..
Thank you Chancellor and Mr. Mayor – it was great that we could all get back to school today. The free cafeteria meals for the student.. very nice

About Susanne:
Susanne Veder Berger is an author, educator, business executive and mother, who currently lives' on New York City's Upper West Side. Susanne has held a variety of executive positions in the field of marketing for CitiGroup, the U.S. Tennis Association and a number of other companies and organizations. Over the past 4 years, Susanne has been working with inner city high school students in Brooklyn, New York helping them develop self-esteem, prepare for college and secure internships – Susanne Veder Berger's work in education is centered around the implementation of extra curricular activities and the development of student-run journalism programs.