Freedom Academy Graduation Scholarship

Scope of the Scholarship:

The scope of the scholarship is to encourage and reward four graduating seniors who distinguish themselves through their writing.   We hope that the scholarship will provide an incentive for students to find there voice and develop ways to express it.

Scholarship Amount:

$500 per student to be awarded upon graduation.


In order to qualify for consideration in the scholarship, students must do the following:

  • Meet all graduation requirements for the 2013 academic year
  • Be an active participant in the Freedom Academy High School blog featured on
  • Student must provide documentation that they have applied to a post high school educational institution such as: college, trade school, apprenticeship and/or internship.
  • Submit a 1500 word essay by April 15, 2013 on one of the following topics:
    • Take me to your favorite place, describe it and tell me why you love it.
    • If you were mayor of New York for a day, what would you do? Why?
    • If you were given $20 and a free day how would you spend it and what would you do?
    • Describe an event in your life that changed you.
    • Describe someone or something that you lost and wish you could get back.
    • If you could spend the day with someone, who would it be?  Why?

Students must submit a draft of their essay for review and editing to a Freedom Academy teacher of their choice.


Chef Jacques Gautier Palo Santo Restaurant


Palo Santo Restaurant!

652 Union Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn

652 Union Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn

652 Union Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn
On Tuesday, April 24 and 26 of 2012  We left Freedom Academy High School at 8:30am SHARP!


To meet owner Chef Jacques Gautier of Palo Santo Restaurant
Learn about different foods and nutrition
Make your own lunch at the restaurant
9am -We meet and greet Chef Jacques Gautier at the steps of the Brooklyn Supreme Courthouse at Borough Hall



Each student helped shop for fresh food at the Brooklyn Borough Hall Farmers Market P1000296that was used to create your lunch at the Palo Santo Restaurant.P1000279 P1000321


Last stop is Palo Santo Restaurant, where the students talked with Chef Jacques Gautier, tour the restaurant, helped on the rooftop garden and create their own lunches.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to teach us how to cook. I had a wonderful time, learned and seen new things. – Sontique C.  P1000268

Chef Jacques, thank you so much for letting us into your beautiful restaurant. I had a wonderful time getting fruits and cooking in your kitchen. It was a wonderful experience. –Kristyanna A.

P1000319I wanted to say thank you Chef for taking the time out to teach us about healthy foods. I had a great time and I will be back soon!– Shanese M.  IMG_5535

Thank you Chef Jacques for taking the time to show us how to cook. I had a great time learning new things with you. I am very willing to spend more time with you to learn how to cook. – Tania J.P.IMG_5553

Thank you for exposing me to the butchering of a pig. I will never forget this experience. –Essence R.

Thank you for a full day of surprises and great experiences. I’ll never forget seeing a real pig head and watching you work. Tatiannia D.  IMG_5577

Mr. Chef thanks a lot for the wonderful experience.  The food was AWESOME! – Oneesha P.

Mr. Chef – Thank you for going out of your way to teach us how to cook and showing us how much you enjoy being a chef. I hope we can do this again another time and maybe you can teach us how to make more new foods. – Ashley F.  IMG_5554

Thank you for letting us experience what you do daily. Shaneece W.  P1000325

Thank you for letting us experience the chef life. I had a fun time and hope to do it again real soon. – Esther R.

Thank you for the great coking tips. You will see me soon! – Cole H. IMG_5493P1000291

Thanks a lot Chef, the food especially the bread was great! Delroy B.

Thank you Chef, for allowing us to cooking in your kitchen and experiencing things we haven’t before…. I will never forget that pig! –Shanice J.

IMG_5542Mr. Chef, I had a blast! The different fruits, vegetables, herbs and foods were the best. Your restaurant, family and staff are wonderful. Thank you so much for everything! Angelic C.IMG_5512

Thank you Mr. Chef for letting me experience what its like to be a chef in your beautiful kitchen. It was a beautiful day well spent. –Melissa H.

P1000287Thank you for the experience of letting me cooking in your chef kitchen. – Nigel C.

Thank your for the experience! – Darelle A.P1000335P1000336

Thank you for the food we cooked. The chicken and the French toast were great! – Desmond K.

Thank you for the experience of cooking in a professional P1000337chef kitchen. – Christian D.

Thank you for the experience of picking out fresh fruits and vegetables and allowing us to be chefs in your kitchen. – Christopher H.