Dancehall!! by Kevin King

IMG_0651As a boy growing up, music has been a major aspect of my life. When I’m sad I turn to or even when I am happy, I just love music. Some say my love for it is a trait passed down from my father; well I guess it is a family thing.

Music is a way of life and how someone sees life, also music expresses emotions. I used to listen many genres of music, these genres includes rock, pop, hip-hop, soca, reggae, RnB, and also dancehall reggae. The genre that really had influence on my life because of its creativity was dancehall reggae, which sprung up from reggae and originated in Jamaica.

Dancehall reggae is a genre of Jamaican popular music. It is a sparser version of reggae, meaning that its ideas are scattered, it speaks about everything that happens in Jamaica. Some ideas spoken through dancehall music are politics, religion, culture and even dance. Some artistes in the business are Movado, Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, Blak Ryno, Tommy Lee, Shawn Storm, Aidonia, and Gaza Slim etc.

Of all the artistes in the business, Vybz Kartel’s work impacted me the most because he is the best artiste in the business. This is more of a fact than an opinion. I always wanted to be like Vybz Kartel. However, I currently write my own dancehall reggae songs and wish to take Kartel’s place in the business.



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