11th Grade Advisory Anti-Bullying Campaign

When asked what FEELINGS they associated with BULLYING, 11TH grade boys responded with a range of unfulfilled emotions and scenes:

-ANGER: at being a target

-FURY: towards the bully

-AGGRESSION: towards the victim

-AGGRAVATION: because of the way you are being treated

-DEPRESSION: because you feel incompetent

-ANNOYANCE: at being constantly picked on

-WORRY: about what might happen next

-HESITANCE: not sure what to do

-TENSENESS: freezing up

-STRESSED: keeping all the anger inside you

-HOPELESSNESS: at who to trust anymore

-HATE: emotions boiling over

-HURT: the physical pain you feel

-EMBARRASSMENT: at having to endure these acts

-FATIGUE: getting tired of the same teasing every day

-MEANINGLESSNESS: what is the point of all this??

-HARM: to your body AND your mind

-FEAR: scared, but will never admit it

-SADNESS: just feeling bad about your situation

-SERVITUDE: you are in debt to someone else

-CONFLICT: the interaction between you and the bully

-OPPOSITION: who is against you?

-LONELINESS: seems like EVERYONE is against you

-UNNERVED: by the lack of help

-ENRAGED: at the perpetrator, your friends, your family, yourself

-HOSTILITY: when violence starts

-FRIGHT: feelings of darkness

-MADNESS: feelings of shock

-MISERY: feelings of gloom

-DESPAIR: feeling suicidal

Welcome to Freedom Academy High School’s 11th Grade Blog

Last week Monday and Wednesday our Principal met with the 11th grade students to review our report cards. You should have seen the look on our faces. As for high school juniors, it is important to know where we stand in reference to meeting the requirements for graduation. And boy do we know where we stand. Graduation is in a year and a half. Due to poor grades and certain circumstances some students are excited while others are not. The time has come for us to focus on graduation and plan for college.  IMG-20111128-00283

It’s time to get focused. To figure out what credits we need/have, and how many classes we need take to graduate is very important in knowing where we stand. Bring grades up so colleges will want us to attend! Preparing for the SATs is also another way to get “noticed” by the colleges of our dreams. It’s a lot if work but, it’s worth it.  We really want to graduate. Most of our class/school mates really want to go to college but yet, we still slack on our work.

For our Advisory Class we are going to share our journey with you..

Freedom Academy High School in Brooklyn is located on Nassau Street at the corner of Jay Street. It doesn’t look like your typical High School you see on television. Our school is located on the 5th, 6th and 7th floors of this grey depressing building. Truth is, that it’s sometimes difficult to get inspired in a depressing building. But that is not a good enough of an excuse to not doing well in school. From the front door of the school you have the perfect view of the exit ramp of the Manhattan Bridge and a beautiful view of New York City.

What we like about Freedom Academy is that it’s a small school. The principal, teachers and staff can easily identify a student. With 250 students it is at ease to have a one –to-one talk with teachers. Our class has 55 students. Everyone in our class knows each other. We range in age from 16 to 20. The students in our class lives in different parts of Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Gowanus, Flatbush, Bedford Stuyvesant, East Brooklyn, Farragut, and Brownsville. Most take subways to get to school.

We don’t like having to wear a school uniforms. But, because it is mandatory we try to bring our own style to white button down blouse /shirt (must be tucked in) and navy skirt or slacks. Spice it up a little.

It’s hard to attend a school that is not one of the best.  It can feel like no one really cares. We all wish we had different activities like other schools. A gymnasium and sport teams to compete with other schools would’ve also been good.  What we would like most of all is to develop “team spirit” for our school.

At the end it always comes down to us.