Dear President Obama, Marie Dorleans

Dear President Obama,

Congratulation for winning the Election.  You did a lot for these past 4 years.  You help student overcome their fear by making them succeed there goal by encouraging them to go to college..  I am realty thankful for helping student from Freedom Academy high school. I hope you continue doing wonderful jobs for our country.

IMG_0025_2I am a student from Freedom Academy high school it a small school in 116 Nassau Street 5th floor Brooklyn NY 11201.  We really don’t have much.  We have a small gym no auditorium; small classes but not a lot of teacher.  For activities we only have music class we used to have dance class but the teacher left.  We would really like if you would visit our school and help us on this year.

Sincerely Marie Dorlean

Dear President Obama Shatalia Mack

Dear President Obama,

IMG_0023_2Congratulations on winning the election. I am very excited as well as my family and friends. I am hoping we can make more powerful change the next 4 years you are in office. You winning this election has shown me you really care for the United States of America and that no matter how hard the struggle get you always holding your head up at the things you do.

Shatalia Mack

Dear President Obama, Shania Taylor

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations on your victory. You’ve made history once again in 2012. You also proved that you know what’s best for this country. Although Mitt Romney came close to winning, I knew you would win. I also know that you will keep your word, and uplift this country for the next four years.I am a student at Freedom Academy High School. IMG_0026_2

My school is located in Brooklyn, New York. We don’t have that many privileges like other schools. I have nice teachers and staff but the fact that we are under funded takes away some of our learning experiences. I’m not asking for money but I am asking for you to consider helping my school or any other school that is under funded. We don’t have a gymnasium, auditorium, or proper school building. We share an office building with a company named F.E.G.S. The building isn’t bad but its not what students hope for. I’m lucky that my school building is still up and running after Hurricane Sandy. I hope you consider helping my school. It would mean a lot to the students, parents, and staff of Freedom Academy.Good luck on your next term.

Sincerely, Shania Taylor

Dear President Obama, Renuka Karran

Dear President Obama,

I would like to congratulate you on your big accomplishment. You have really inspired me throughout your presidency and I am very gratified you have won this 2012 election. Winning the election is not all but all the things you have done to bring this country together and that are why I feel you should be recognized for your outstanding work.  I know you try your best for us a to move forward and don’t give up no matter what circumstance we face and that is why you deserve my sympatric feeling.   

I am a student at Freedom Academy HS in Brooklyn.  My school is not like many ordinary high school it is a very small community and there are less supplies in classes.  Even though we don’t have the things other schools have we still try our best to stay and learn with what we have?   I would like to ask if you could help us in any way for my school to have the materials that other schools have and for us to have a better environment. I hope you hear our voices and can help us in our time in need.

I would like to thank you for your time and I really appreciate all you have done I hope you can help me and my school out so we can continue our Education

Sincerely Renuka Karran

Dear President Obama, Lynesia Harry

Dear President Obama,

I Lynesia Harry, did not expect Mitt Romney to win. I had faith in you. I’m sure this time it It’ll be more than change. I appreciate the fact your trying hard to support our country. I’ve watched the news until you were finally re-selected. If I was able to vote I’d vote for you of course, and your wife is one of the best supporters to you, Michelle Obama is an example of a strong woman. She’s a caring and loving wife. The stress you both go through and presence you keep strong with your true beautiful daughters Sasha and Malia. Their blessed just like you and your wife.

Sincerely, Lynesia Harry

What’s up girly? Atira Barber- Ellis

Dear Cyani,

What’s up girly? Can you believe we’re in high school? Well we did it, the first two days of high school. I still can’t believe i did it without you. I was so scared to be in a different environment without anyone i knew. I guess because of the nice people i met, i put my worries about being alone behind. IMG_0001_2

When i first entered the school, i was scared and a little intimidated; i mean look at my size! But i realized, its just like 6th grade. Building my way up: insert smile.

I have a few interesting classes. One of them is Law. I know; Law, Seriously ?!? Same thoughts i have. I honestly was pretty skeptical about it. The word law reminds me pf the court system, etc. I always think of being in a court room or lecture hall. Trust me, its nothing like that. I swore up and down it was just going to be a class where we had to sit quietly ad take notes and such. Instead we have open-discussion a about; well everything! Right now we’re deciphering rules and it couldn’t have been more interesting.

Tell me about your school. I can’t wait to hear about your new friends. Don’t replace me twinney: insert winkey face.


Atira Barber- Ellis

I am Atira Barber-Ellis of class 901. I come to Freedom Academy from M.S.634. Most people who first meet me will think of me as a tiny, weird, hyperactive, yet very intelligent child. I am very respectful of my peers and teachers. I aspire to be a published author when i am older. My motto is to never grow up but willingly get older and stay a life loving child at heart.

I am Miss Collins, I teach Law and am the Administrative Aisstant Principal of Freedom Academy High School. First and foremost, i practice law and spent 17 years as a music entertainment attorney. I have worked with the Board of Education for ten years in total, Five as a teacher and five as an administrator. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics, Society, and Economics. I also have a J.D, a Master’s in Elementary Education, and a Master’s in Administration. Most people will telll you that i am a Lover of education and a lover of children.

Amazing Woman

IMG_0040The head of the Freedom Academy high schools cafeteria.. Very special woman, she took it upon herself to make an extra special real family style expanded breakfast menu.. eggs, sausage, grits and more. She knew the students and teachers would enjoy. For some it maybe the first really good meal they have had since the hurricane. Everyone in the building has been affected by hurricane Sandy..