“Transit Searches” Sontique Campbell

Transit Searches

I am against transit searches, because it doesn’t have an effect on keeping the terrorist away it has never happen and its random and it only happen when I’m rushing to the train.  IMG_0038_2

What are transit searches? …… Metro Transit Police advised customers they would conduct random inspections of carry-on items, as part of the continuously changing law enforcement programs designed to keep the system safe.  The inspections, which will be conducted with Transportation Security Administration officials, are expected to take only minutes, as police will randomly select bags or packages to check for hazardous materials using crazy technology as well as K-9 units trained to detect explosive materials.  Carry-on items will generally not be opened and physically inspected unless the equipment indicates a need for further inspection.  Anyone who is randomly selected and refused to submit their carry-on items for inspection will be prohibited from bringing those items into the station Customers who encounter a baggage checkpoint at a station entrance may choose not to enter the station if they would prefer not to submit their carry-ones for inspection.

To me it goes against the 4th amendment. Which is the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.  Bombing trains, I feel its never happen so its not keeping anything safe the only things that’s getting bomb is buildings, I think they need to worry more about planes in the air with no altercation, and train stations that cops barely at anyway.

Also as a citizens and my own experience I was searched for a little pocketbook and which you can highly doubt a bomb would be in it I was also running late and was rushing to catch my train.  And I hear an officer call for me I admittedly stop which made me  aggravated, for them to find nothing on me.  Train searches are a waste of time and playing with people money. Especially if it has never happened before!

Mr. Schulman U.S Government Class…..

“The Legal Age” Shanice Junor

The Legal Age

Why shouldn’t 18 be the legal age for everything?  IMG_0028_2

After doing research and conducting class surveys, it is clear that there is controversy in what should be the legal age for everything.  Majority, believe that 18 years olds should be allowed to have the same privileges of those who are 21.  The main concern of the majority is they believe 18 years olds should be able to drink.  But there are many reasons why it is NOT safe for 10 years olds to consume alcohol, which later on I will thoroughly explain with strong facts behind it.  According to my research, many people believe that most 18 years olds are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of drinking and strongly agree with The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 which was passed on July 17, 1984 by the United States Congress as a mechanism “whereby all states would become thereafter required to legislate the age of 21 years as a minimum age for purchasing and publicly possessing alcoholic beverages.

What does Drinking do for an older person, that isn’t 10x worse for someone younger?

Teenagers are four times as likely to be involved in a car crash and three times more likely to die in one than adults according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Recent studies have shown that these statistics may have to do with teenage brain development.  A National Institute of Health study proposes that the part of the brain that restrains risky behavior, including reckless driving and thinking skills is not fully developed until the age of 25, so even the age of 21 is 4 years behind.  After doing some more research, Scientists have recently proven that alcohol can still damage the brain of a 25 year old.  Why would the government of US allow 18 year olds, almost 10 years behind the full development of the brain, to drink alcohol?

Overall, any benefit or joy alcohol can bring is minimal compared to the greater harms alcohol causes.  Although alcohol is harmful to everyone, alcohol harms young adults much more than older adults.  One’s brain does not complete development until the age of 25.  The mind has not fully formed its critical and rational thinking abilities.  Studies show that alcohol is deterrent to the process.  This can connect to a few of my senior classmates who are 18 and older and are prospective college students.  If you are looking to go to college and excel and gain something from higher education alcohol can be a roadblock to that goal. The fact that your brain isn’t fully developed yet, drinking alchohol  can stop the full formation of your mind, and your ability to think critical and rational, two things that may be necessary for college.  Not only does alcohol consumption affect the brain, it also affects female maturation and reproduction abilities during adolescents.

The National minimum drinking age act, allows 21 years olds to drink.  Once again, 4 years to low but there goes the government’s way of giving the people some leeway.  Most 18 years olds are still at home with their parents, fresh out of high school and even on their way to college to begin life on their own.  At this point they are finding themselves and are bound to make many mistakes, which of course some may learn from, and unfortunately some may not.  The hype of finally being 18 may cause teenagers to go above the limit, because to them they’re an Adult.  They are on their own without parental supervision.  Here is where the law comes in handy.  The National minimum drinking age act is the rule they must abide by, in other words it serves as their parent, and if they don’t abide by the rules, they will have to face the consequences.  Being that 21 is the minimum age for drinking, it allows teenagers to mature more, and the excitement of finally being on their own should be long gone.

In conclusion, ages of initiation vary in this country.  One may vote at 18, drink at 21, visit the local casino at 21, rent a car at 25 and run for President at 35.  These ages take into account that requirements, risks, and benefits of each act.  The National minimum legal drinking age of 21 has survived the test of time and is firmly supported by current scientific research.  Opponents of lowering the MLDA argue that teens have not yet reached an age where they can handle alcohol responsibly, and they are more likely to harm or even kill themselves and others by drinking prior to 21 and that traffic fatalities decreased when the MLDA increased.  The lives and futures of our children depend on its continued support.

“The Legal Age” Tatiania Dominique

The Legal Age

Adulthood is something that much adolescence looks forward to. This is because as an adult your able to do whatever you want.  Eighteen should be the legal age for everything because at this age you’ve experienced enough to conduct yourself as an adult.  The Supreme Court should review the legal age for a number of reasons.  As a young adult myself, I feel that I’m mature enough to take on adult privileges.  IMG_0015

I’m not satisfied with 21 being the legal age.  I believe 18 should be the legal age.  As the 14th Amendment states, “All persons born in the United States are citizens and no law shall be enforced that abridges their privileges.  Nor shall any State deprive a person of life.”  This is an example of how young adults are being deprived of life.  America is about equality and at 18; young adults aren’t treated equally as those whom are 21.

What makes the age of 21 so special? Some might say that those who are 21 have experienced enough things in life and are more mature than those that are 18. I disagree with this statement because for one, some people that are 18 are more mature than some adults.  If voting privileges doesn’t make you an adult than I don’t know what does. People might also argue that at 18, young adults haven’t even gone through the college process.  Going away to college and being independent are great qualities of an adult.  Children are surly not capable of completing such a task.

The Legislative intent of the law might be that 18 Year olds have been acting more mature over the years and they should be considered adults.  This would be great support towards passing this law.  Hearing the voice of others always helps your claim so I conducted a vote from class 120 during government.  The entire class agreed that 18 years olds should have adult privileges.  A statement in which everybody didn’t agree with is that 18 year olds have experienced enough in life to be considered adults.  Although they might not have faced obstacles as an adult, facing such things will help you grow and become stronger. I say that we give young adults a chance to prove all that they can be.