Who Am I? By Tashiana Williams

I once met this girl, her face so vivid in my mind, though her name I have forgotten
Whose eyes were chapter books, her heart a diary holding hostage feelings that were locked in
She began to unravel her inner thoughts, all at once to me
And then I learned that in order to fly your soul must be freed
She spoke of her heart that seemed to always get torn into pieces
And how her struggle to think straight always resulted in creases
She spoke of growing up with a mother and a confused father
Who would come around when he wanted to, but she never showed how much this scarred her

She grew up in a neighborhood in which she knew she didn’t belong
Where innocence was easily lost because violence was soo strong
Her mind was her gateway, she was blessed with intelligence
But who knew how easily that could be shrunken by ignorance?
Her self esteem was low, her confidence swept the floor
As she began to realize how cruel the outside world could be when you possess a visible flaw

She’d make sure to always be the backdrop in an abundant crowd
Afraid to speak up, but its obvious that silence is soo loud
Attention began to become her arch enemy
Her words full of emotion as she continued to speak to me
On the outside she seemed strong though on the inside she was weak
She often found herself giving up when the obstacles became too steep
This girl whose name just wont come back to mind
Has evolved into a beautiful butterfly overtimeIMG00124-20100726-1601
She has gained strength unafraid of what the future may hold
And considers herself a winner even if she doesn’t always take home the gold
She has learned that harsh words are the swords of the frail
And that talk is cheap, but actions, well they yell
Though her name I have forgotten, her story I will always keep
Who am I? I’m glad you asked .. because I am she.

Who Am I? by Keisha Howell

Who Am I?

I’m still searching for the answers

Am I a broken glass that can’t be picked up without hurting someone.

The sun that goes into hiding when the rain falls.

The scrapes on a place that no one wants.

Am I the least of favorite outfit that you just won’t wear?

That pair of shoes, that won’t fit anymore.

The dirt on a shoe that no one wants to clean.

Who Am I?

I’m still searching for the answers.

Am I the abandon child that no one seems to look for?

That hard math problem, that can’t be figured out.

Am I the caged bird that can’t be freed.IMG_1211

The street light that keep changing colors.

Who am I?

Who is this girl?

I’m still searching for the answers.

The answers are unknown which is the reason for this sad tone.

I’m searching for change

I’m sick of this game.

These pieces must be mended.

I’m sick of pretending.

Who am I?

Tell me cuz I’m tired of searching for the answers.

And if you can’t tell me I guess am that last bible scripture that cause tears to flow down your face, after a sermon.