“College Isn’t Cheap” – Cole Hill

As a senior getting ready for my college years, I’ve realized college isn’t cheap. It brings a burden on the government, family and of course you. Worrying about how you’ll pay for room and board (if living on campus) and most important tuition. Then you still have to pay for mandatory expenses. Books and supplies come along with that price. On the contrary, people believe mandatory expenses such as books and supplies should be pay for by the government in which I oppose.   Cole_Hill

Books and supplies is the least of my expenses in college. Making the government pay for those expenses would be a naïve thing to do. I believe paying for books and supplies shouldn’t a factor because instead of buying new books, you can borrow books or even buy new ones. Buying used books or even borrowing can help you to save money but more important you’ll be still able to learn something. Tuition and room and board should be paid for by the government. In which they do with financial aid and other awarded grants. I believe government help enough with financial aid and grants.

However, every year both federal and state governments provide billions of dollars in higher education grants to help students attend college. I agree that the government should help pay for tuition for students who want to attend college. Now as I just stated billions of dollars are invested into our education. Bringing books and supplies into that  would be a lot more money. Where would this money be coming from? That transition can result in a number of budget cuts. Those budgets cuts can even come from the financial aid and grants the government is giving you.

Another reason why I believe government shouldn’t have to pay for books and supplies is because of resources. Although people may thing it’s not a factor it actually is. Every year as new college students enter they’ll be given new books. If the government is paying for the books and also the resources we’re losing money as an economy. For example professors may have to be paid more, then maybe even budget cuts for public schools. It can also lead to cuts from grants and financial aid. My reason goes to prove that making the government pay for books and supplies cannot be a law because it did not violate any amendments, so there would be no question that the courts invalidate it.

On the contrary some kids are on their own paying for college. I do understand that not everyone has sufficient funds to pay for the books and supplies that are needed for college. Some college students may have no financial help from the government because their family’s salaries are too high. If the government were to pay for their books, the burden would be at ease. Some people just feel that’s the government’s duty to pay for books and supplies, even if they don’t pay for tuition.

A few classmates also believe that the government should pay for government should pay for everything is the student parent’s income is below poverty level. In which I understand students have the potential to reach far but necessities like money stops them

In conclusion, I believe the government shouldn’t have to pay for college student’s books and supplies. Reasons are because paying for books and supplies can result in budget cuts.  The government already gives billions of dollars to college students for financial aid and grants.

I am KNICOLE HILL AKA COLE   an enthusiastic, hardworking student who’s ready for college. In college I will be studying pre-med. As an overall goal I want to become an orthodontist. I like to see people smile, so the best job is to be an orthodontist.

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