One Day by Naje`e Smith

One Day

Too many people in the world grow up without a father figure in their household. My American dream is for children to get the chance of having both a mother and father growing up. It is not fair how some kids grow up to have discipline and others don’t if children in the world grew up with both parents in a household younger boys would have grown up to become real men. Instead, some grew up to abusing females, raping, killing or stealing what is not theirs. If there were more positive male role models, this world would be a better place. When I get older I plan to make a difference. More people need to fight for having fathers not abandoning their children. The men in our society are very important. By them being around it will determine your kids future.  IMG_0453

Men have the right to do more then a female can.  Males are more likely to get chosen for a job and it isn’t fair. It’s hard for a single mother to raise her child alone. Studies show the average single mother to raise her child alone. Studies show the average single female with a well paying job makes 15 to 40 percent less then the average male. ( LYF) Why should women have to struggle with raising a child, working, paying for their children’s school alone? If there were two parents, there wouldn’t be that much of a struggle because they will work together on raising their child. A single parent compared to a child with both parents has a lot to do with a child’s outcome.

Children living in single parent homes have a risk taking behavior such as smoking, drinking, or drug occurrence.  Compared to children living with their married or biological parents they whelm up in college or out of state progressing better with their life then a child growing up with one mother. Fathers can teach their sons how to treat a female the right way. Fathers can teach their daughters how to respect themselves and teach them what they should deserve. Today in this world we have nothing like this we have boys running around shooting each other. And girls showing off there body parts. This society today isn’t right.

That’s why when I get older im going to host multiple events on the struggle of single parents there’s going to be charities, fund raisers, a family events so single parents would get a chance to meet new people. They wouldn’t have to continue raising their son or daughter alone. I want my committee to spread all around the world so everyone can see the importance on his or her kid’s future. If I come across children with lost fathers I will work with the police until we find them. No one deserves to be left alone.

Growing up without both parents can be very difficult. Such as higher poverty rates and lover levels of educational and occupational attainment. That’s why parents need to stick together and work on their differences in the sake of their children. When there are two people in a household it becomes a better chance for children to have a better future. Families need to have the experience of getting to know each other. Lets make a difference and change societies outcome…..

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