11th Grade Advisory Anti-Bullying Campaign

When asked what FEELINGS they associated with BULLYING, 11TH grade boys responded with a range of unfulfilled emotions and scenes:

-ANGER: at being a target

-FURY: towards the bully

-AGGRESSION: towards the victim

-AGGRAVATION: because of the way you are being treated

-DEPRESSION: because you feel incompetent

-ANNOYANCE: at being constantly picked on

-WORRY: about what might happen next

-HESITANCE: not sure what to do

-TENSENESS: freezing up

-STRESSED: keeping all the anger inside you

-HOPELESSNESS: at who to trust anymore

-HATE: emotions boiling over

-HURT: the physical pain you feel

-EMBARRASSMENT: at having to endure these acts

-FATIGUE: getting tired of the same teasing every day

-MEANINGLESSNESS: what is the point of all this??

-HARM: to your body AND your mind

-FEAR: scared, but will never admit it

-SADNESS: just feeling bad about your situation

-SERVITUDE: you are in debt to someone else

-CONFLICT: the interaction between you and the bully

-OPPOSITION: who is against you?

-LONELINESS: seems like EVERYONE is against you

-UNNERVED: by the lack of help

-ENRAGED: at the perpetrator, your friends, your family, yourself

-HOSTILITY: when violence starts

-FRIGHT: feelings of darkness

-MADNESS: feelings of shock

-MISERY: feelings of gloom

-DESPAIR: feeling suicidal

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