The monster within by beautiful young lady

Fat, ugly, dirty these words echoed in my head
as I laid down on my bed.
Sometimes I wonder what’s the purpose of my life
I often wonder am I here to fight, am I here to look beautiful, am I
here to take up space, or am I here to make something out of my life.

But yet I could never find the answer. I got up and look into the
mirror wondering who the reflection in the mirror is, but yet I
could never figure out who it was. I think hard and hard and then
finally I realized the person I was l looking at, was me. But I
couldn’t recognize the unfamiliar face nor the unfamiliar body. I walk
back and forth in the mirror trying to figure out this stranger in the mirror. But yet I couldn’t figure out who this stranger is..

I think again and again and again and then I finally figure out this is
the person I have become. I now realize that all my life I have been
walking around with a stranger in my soul. I stand there staring and
staring trying to solve this mystery. I then finally figure out that I have become a terrible monster, that look like ugly Betty with big glasses, freckles on her face, short hair and smelly. I ran down the stairs to my family asking them who was this monster in my body and no one seems to know what I was talking about. I ran backup stairs and looked in the mirror. There was the ugly monster again, I called my sister asking her who was this monster in the mirror  but she didn’t see a monster. I look and look again and I keep seeing this ugly monster. But no one else could see it but me. I started to cry. It just made me look like an uglier monster. I stop crying and look deep into the mirror trying to figure out, how I could get rid of this ugly monster.

Then I realize in order for me to get rid of this ugly monster. I have to change the way I think about myself. I started to think of myself as this beautiful young lady, who is better than she thinks she is.  I started to look back into the mirror and the monster was finally gone.

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