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IMG_0020Prohibiting loitering, not allowed staying in a park after dusk promotes safety and organization.  Sometimes people staying in park dusk can cause trouble.  For example, a few boys in a public park at dark making noise might be a nuisance to the people.  Another example would be gang activity.  If members of a certain gang were to be there then it is sure that some sort of gang activity would take place and there’s a slight chance for a fight.  This can also keep the community organized by giving people a time to go home.   Developing a time system with definitely keep the community on top of their tasks and give parents at home one less thing to worry about..

Not loitering may also help decrease violence.  Like I said before, it will keep gang activities from happening occasionally and at the same time control violence.  Violence is one reason why many neighborhoods and communities are dangerous.  Loitering laws will help enforce a positive environment.  Children would attend parks more and pass their time in laughter.  Because of teens (we all know how teens are) some parents allows their children go to parks less often. This can also influence those children to become a better person instead of showing reckless behavior when they grow up to become teens later on.

To make things clearer, loitering isn’t illegal. But, if signs say ”NO LOITERING” are present then it’s means that you shouldn’t be there. But the law should be a little more stricter; that case if there are anyone hanging out when they aren’t suppose to then they should be responsible to pay a certain amount of fine.  I mean if you have no reason to stay outdoors then why do so?  Some people like hanging out with friends and doing what they’re suppose to but there are others who are there just to annoy the public.  What does it do for you?  I mean causing harm or being annoying can’t do any good and plus you’re not getting paid to do it.  It’s not beneficial but in many ways can be a nuisance and harmful.

I believe that loitering laws are there for a reason.  It should be more so looked with importance than avoiding it. It helps create a better and more positive environment.  Some positive impacts the environment will have is less violence, less gang activity, more safety, less threat, not having the public annoyed and timing (organization).  Instead of wasting time it will also allow students to do indoor things such as schoolwork without the friends or outdoor activities being a disturbance.

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