Dancehall!! by Kevin King

IMG_0651As a boy growing up, music has been a major aspect of my life. When I’m sad I turn to or even when I am happy, I just love music. Some say my love for it is a trait passed down from my father; well I guess it is a family thing.

Music is a way of life and how someone sees life, also music expresses emotions. I used to listen many genres of music, these genres includes rock, pop, hip-hop, soca, reggae, RnB, and also dancehall reggae. The genre that really had influence on my life because of its creativity was dancehall reggae, which sprung up from reggae and originated in Jamaica.

Dancehall reggae is a genre of Jamaican popular music. It is a sparser version of reggae, meaning that its ideas are scattered, it speaks about everything that happens in Jamaica. Some ideas spoken through dancehall music are politics, religion, culture and even dance. Some artistes in the business are Movado, Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, Blak Ryno, Tommy Lee, Shawn Storm, Aidonia, and Gaza Slim etc.

Of all the artistes in the business, Vybz Kartel’s work impacted me the most because he is the best artiste in the business. This is more of a fact than an opinion. I always wanted to be like Vybz Kartel. However, I currently write my own dancehall reggae songs and wish to take Kartel’s place in the business.



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American Dream – James Means

The American Dream that I have is to open up my own business. I would like to open up a restaurant to have people explore and taste different forms of menus that I can create. Some menus that I can create are soul food and seafood creations. My dream is not the same like most American dreamers. Most American dreamers say that their dream is to become a famous basketball player or become a famous actor/singer. To accomplish my dream of opening my own business, there are many accomplishments and achievements that I will take like getting my degrees, obtaining experiences in restaurants, the challenges of getting loans and managing, hiring and firing, take responsibility as the person in charge and making my business a nation business.  IMG_0449

The first accomplishment that I will take is to get my degrees. As of right now I am currently in the 11th grade at Freedom Academy High School. To achieve my education degrees I plan to get my Advance High School Regents Diploma, my Masters in Business Administration and an Associate in Culinary Arts. I also plan to have experiences in restaurants. I will like to have the experience in a restaurant to be shown how it is run cooperated. I would like to be shown the jobs that each person have and how the kitchen is being run, like the duty of the head cook and the duties of the other workers in the kitchen.

The second accomplishment that I will have to achieve is the challenges that I will have to take. The challenges that I will face are the managing of the restaurant, get a place to have my restaurant at, and complete my experiences in at least two restaurants. The reason why these are challenges to me is because they are problems that I will have to handle to make my American Dream come true. I plan to overcome these problems by taking it one day at a time. The biggest challenge that I have is getting a place for my restaurant, and I plan to overcome it by saving money and getting loans and grants, and even also a getting location for it. Another challenge that I really have to face is doing the experience, this is a challenge because I am a person that likes to be in charge. I plan to handle this by just stepping back and letting the manager to charge and watch him/her run the business that they are running.

After my American Dream has come true, I still would have one more accomplishment that I need to achieve. My third and last accomplishment to achieve is to make my restaurant a national restaurant. I plan to make my restaurant a national restaurant by using the money I get from the local restaurants organization to build another restaurant organization in a different state or city. After I build at least three or four organizations I will then have my restaurant known has I national restaurant, like Red Lobster, Applebees, Joe’s Crab Shack and many other well known restaurants.

In conclusion, I can say that I will make my American Dream come true. I also can say that I am not sure I will fellow my accomplishment in this essay to make my American Dream come true, but I will try. My American Dream will come true, through all the challenges, and the accomplishments that I will overcome and achieve. My American Dream will come true because no matter how hard the challenges get I will not quit, because quit never win. Opening my own business is my American Dream.

Chef Jacques Gautier Palo Santo Restaurant


Palo Santo Restaurant!

652 Union Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn

652 Union Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn

652 Union Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn
On Tuesday, April 24 and 26 of 2012  We left Freedom Academy High School at 8:30am SHARP!


To meet owner Chef Jacques Gautier of Palo Santo Restaurant
Learn about different foods and nutrition
Make your own lunch at the restaurant
9am -We meet and greet Chef Jacques Gautier at the steps of the Brooklyn Supreme Courthouse at Borough Hall



Each student helped shop for fresh food at the Brooklyn Borough Hall Farmers Market P1000296that was used to create your lunch at the Palo Santo Restaurant.P1000279 P1000321


Last stop is Palo Santo Restaurant, where the students talked with Chef Jacques Gautier, tour the restaurant, helped on the rooftop garden and create their own lunches.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to teach us how to cook. I had a wonderful time, learned and seen new things. – Sontique C.  P1000268

Chef Jacques, thank you so much for letting us into your beautiful restaurant. I had a wonderful time getting fruits and cooking in your kitchen. It was a wonderful experience. –Kristyanna A.

P1000319I wanted to say thank you Chef for taking the time out to teach us about healthy foods. I had a great time and I will be back soon!– Shanese M.  IMG_5535

Thank you Chef Jacques for taking the time to show us how to cook. I had a great time learning new things with you. I am very willing to spend more time with you to learn how to cook. – Tania J.P.IMG_5553

Thank you for exposing me to the butchering of a pig. I will never forget this experience. –Essence R.

Thank you for a full day of surprises and great experiences. I’ll never forget seeing a real pig head and watching you work. Tatiannia D.  IMG_5577

Mr. Chef thanks a lot for the wonderful experience.  The food was AWESOME! – Oneesha P.

Mr. Chef – Thank you for going out of your way to teach us how to cook and showing us how much you enjoy being a chef. I hope we can do this again another time and maybe you can teach us how to make more new foods. – Ashley F.  IMG_5554

Thank you for letting us experience what you do daily. Shaneece W.  P1000325

Thank you for letting us experience the chef life. I had a fun time and hope to do it again real soon. – Esther R.

Thank you for the great coking tips. You will see me soon! – Cole H. IMG_5493P1000291

Thanks a lot Chef, the food especially the bread was great! Delroy B.

Thank you Chef, for allowing us to cooking in your kitchen and experiencing things we haven’t before…. I will never forget that pig! –Shanice J.

IMG_5542Mr. Chef, I had a blast! The different fruits, vegetables, herbs and foods were the best. Your restaurant, family and staff are wonderful. Thank you so much for everything! Angelic C.IMG_5512

Thank you Mr. Chef for letting me experience what its like to be a chef in your beautiful kitchen. It was a beautiful day well spent. –Melissa H.

P1000287Thank you for the experience of letting me cooking in your chef kitchen. – Nigel C.

Thank your for the experience! – Darelle A.P1000335P1000336

Thank you for the food we cooked. The chicken and the French toast were great! – Desmond K.

Thank you for the experience of cooking in a professional P1000337chef kitchen. – Christian D.

Thank you for the experience of picking out fresh fruits and vegetables and allowing us to be chefs in your kitchen. – Christopher H.