same goal and determination

It’s hard to find someone who has the same goal and determination. Who would be as dedicated to achieving a goal as you are?

It’s Andrea’s and my one-year anniversary of playing tennis together. We met while I was walking Monty my dog around the Del Vista. I had rented a furnished apartment at the Del Vista for 2 month’s last year when I first moved to Florida. We started playing when I moved into my place, which is across the golf coarse from Del Vista.

Andrea and I have played 49 weeks out of 52, 5 days a week, for 1 hour and half to 2 hours in the morning. Surprisingly weather was only a few times the reason we couldn’t play.

In the beginning we sucked. As we persisted slowly we got better. The better we got the more fun it became. Always play in the morning at Del Vista. I text, Andrea when I arrived at the front gate of Del Vista gives her time to get ready, start my coffee and get out the door. Andrea makes me coffee every morning we play. I supplied the balls. Monday’s when we play you can tell we hadn’t played since Friday. Some days we play better than other but Fridays seem to be our best day for hitting back and forth.  061A0868-BCD3-4F3C-8CE8-2D6BADCC2133

We do play games. But both agreed that it was more fun and a better workout if we didn’t. It’s hard enough being able to keep up a controlled rally.

Andrea being a working mother of two young children it’s not easy to crave out time for your self. With the support of her husband and children it made it easier for her to play tennis. For a bit Britta would come hit with Andrea and I on Wednesday mornings. She would bring her son he was not quite a year old so Andrea and I would take turns watching her son. Britta played for her college team in Hawaii so it was great practice for both of us.

Being able to hit a tennis ball back and forth has always been something I have wanted to be able to do since I was 8 years old. Since I started playing with Andrea we have pushed each other to strive to be much better players. Getting up to play at 7:30 am something I would of never consider until it was the best time to play in Florida summers.

I sweat. Not a little but a lot. That is normal for a good workout. That is health! Drinking lots of water has been something we both do. I like to put electrolyte in my water. Wearing makeup is a waste of product and time when working out. Stretching is part of normal things you do. You can’t keep up a work schedule like ours and not eat healthy too.

Both of us have seen noticeable change in both our bodies. Stronger toned tight more muscle definition both of us look and are physically fitter. Now both of us can run back and forth on the court to keep it in play. Hitting a ball for both of us has been really good therapy. My hand eye coordination has greatly improved. One of the great-unexpected surprises is Andrea’s two children now love to play tennis with their Mom. Their abilities are greatly approving they are both looking forward to taking lessons.

It’s hard to find someone who has the same goal and determination and I’m glad we have each other Andrea. It’s been a fabulous year. Looking forward to another year of playing tennis with you. Happy 1 year Anniversary!



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